3 DoorWindows on the outer doors$75.00Rent Reception Decorations Utah
3 Door SetWindow in the center$70.00YRZTBAF1l7Z2i3OsqIkCChuUBmUoz80GANKCuYGYpEY
Antique Square TableFoldable square table with hidden compartment$30.00
Cake TableWhite table with glass inlay$40.00
LadderAntique Wooden Ladder$17.00
Suitcase2 small treasure chest suitcases$10.00vMgHVoTrmfD3qnwpjAk5hVZxXR69UNhb9AFDNQZRR7s
SuitcaseBlack$10.00Utah Wedding
SuitcaseSmall brown rounded trunk/suitcase$10.00Rent Wedding Reception
SuitcaseBrown tweed$17.00vMgHVoTrmfD3qnwpjAk5hVZxXR69UNhb9AFDNQZRR7s
SuitcaseBrown wood woven$15.00vMgHVoTrmfD3qnwpjAk5hVZxXR69UNhb9AFDNQZRR7s
TrunkArmy black trunk$25.00vMgHVoTrmfD3qnwpjAk5hVZxXR69UNhb9AFDNQZRR7s
TrunkLarge Brown$25.00vMgHVoTrmfD3qnwpjAk5hVZxXR69UNhb9AFDNQZRR7s
TrunkYellow with Bird$25.00Rent Wedding Reception
WindowVintage Window$15.00Rent Your Reception - Vintage Window
UmbrellaYellow$15.00Rent Wedding Reception
UmbrellaWhite$15.00Rent Your Reception
UmbrellaCream$15.00Rent Your Reception
Vintage PhoneCream Vintage Phone$15.00Reception Decor Rental Utah
Cake StandPink Cake Stand$10.00
Cake StandSmaller Pink Cake Stand $7.00
Type WriterVintage Type Writer$20.00Rent Wedding Reception
Drink Dispenser3 Mason Jar Drink dispenser / $7 Each$7.00
Picture EaslesPearl Easle $2 each$2.00
ChalkboardPallet Chalkboard $15.00
ChalkboardSandwich Chalkboard$15.00
Milk JugAntique Metal Milk Can$25.00
Logs2 log centerpieces $3 each$3.00Rent Wedding Reception
Glass Bottles$1 Small $2 Large$2.00
WreathWhite Coffee filter wreath$20.00
Flower BallsPink and White flower balls $10 for 1 or $20 for all 3$10.00
Paper FlowersPink and White Flowers / $10 for all$10.00
Wood CenterpiecesCircle Centerpieces - 20 total$2.00 eachRent Wedding Reception
Vinyl "lace" Table Cloths 3 total - Lace pattern$10.00
Burlap Table Runners22 table runners 89x13 $1.50 each or $30 for all$30.00Rent Burlap Table Runners
Birdcage Cream$7.00
Birdcage Larger cream with bird$10.00
Birdcage small grey with bird 2 total $6.00Rent Wedding Reception
Shepherds hooks20 total $1 each$1.00
Mason Jars13 total $1 each$1.00
Burlap table runnerwith lace 3 total - 12x10$4.00
Burlap table runnerwithout lace 1 total 12x10$4.00